Request for service


+ Repairs of any difficulty, diagnostics, consultations
+ Assessing the risks and benefits of repairs, and the time required
+ Replacing a broken screen or glass, body
+ Installing an original battery where the battery is unremovable
+ Replacing the charging ports: lightning, type C, microusb
+ Saving your phone after liquid damage
+ Replacing cameras, camera glass, ribbon cables and buttons
+ Restoring your data from a broken phone
+ Act of defect (new)

+ Resetting Google accounts, pattern locks, PIN codes
+ iPhone solutions if iCloud or ID is lost
+ Cleaning from viruses and ads, resetting to factory settings
+ Replacing the audio codec on the iPhone, resoldering the power controller
+ Replacing touch-screens, iPad screens, screens on Samsung, Huawei, etc.
+ Replacing parts if you provide them, will check for defects
+ Replacing glass back panels on all phone brands
+ Unlocking if the smartphone is locked to a UK or EU carrier
+ Cleaning ear speakers from dirt under a microscope
+ Replacing notebook matrices and keyboards, repairing hinges and body
+ Replacing a notebook battery, cooling system maintenance
+ Replacing HDD to SSD drives, checking for bad blocks, assembly and upgrades
+ Installing genuine Windows 10 and Office or free alternatives
+ Checking smartphone before purchase (to make sure it is not stolen/locked) 

Our partners: Omniva, DPD, DHL.